Building an African energy champion based in
South Africa

AREP is an African energy company focused on clean energy solutions including renewables, hydro, gas and complementary Transmission investments. One of the main objectives of AREP is to provide affordable energy solutions in South Africa and on the African continent through the utilisation of modern and renewable energy technologies.

AREP’s holding company is the only African company that is a partner in the Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) which was started by Bill Gates and includes several globally respected leaders like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Jack Ma, Mukesh Ambani and others. The goal of BEV is to use technology and innovation to provide clean energy that does not contribute to climate change.

Our diversified portfolio of clean energy projects in South Africa, includes investments of more than 740MW with geographic spread and technology diversification. AREP is well positioned and continues to source attractive investment opportunities in the local and African market.

The Company benefits from strong governance structures comprising senior management and a board of directors with extensive experience in a broad range of sectors

AREP is committed to a long-term investment strategy as owner and operator of energy assets

Our value propositions

  • AREP has a management team with deep industry knowledge
  • Well positioned to access opportunities in South Africa and on the Continent.
  • Committed to attract the best skills to the industry.
  • International and local relationships with major energy players.
  • Ability to execute with a proven track record in the development, construction and management of both energy and mining assets in Africa.